Monday, October 20, 2008

Do, or be Done

Where've we been you ask? We'd tell you but then we'd have to employ you, and given the present climate, we're keeping things consolidated here! I can divulge a secret or two: we've been leveraging every ounce of our intellectual curiosity to contribute to the modern world’s creative disruption, and a few things have appealed to us as must do’s: catalyze, question, ideate.

Let's roll, shall we?

Today, while the MSM frantically pontificates on implications of the brilliantly outlined Powell endorsement, we divulged our thoughts as they occurred and segued to juicier periphery matters: the capital generating genius that is Obama & Co. There's been alot of chatter on the Presidential Candidate being a socialist, (along with other ‘ist's, as it were) but even as we cringe on certain aspects of his corporate taxation policy, there’s something to be blogged for a nexus of individuals who left no resource or market sector unturned, to generate a mouth-watering $150 Million dollars in a single, recession-riddled month.-That one evidently knows a thing or two about capital and how to effectively allocate it.

We, at the lotus nexus, continue to ideate on just where our brand potential peaks—and it too is limitless. This is what innovation generates. From recession-inspired fashion lines to retail profit swells (per Stella McCartney and Hilfiger) and capitalizing on global markets a la Marc Jacobs latest retail launch in Spain today—tumultuous times offer us a choice; do or be done. Later for that depression talk, we’re ecstatic about every thing this new age will represent for those of us who catalyze like icons, question to intrigue, and ideate with passion:—

Relentlessly, of course.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

it is all about you

word of mouth:
it is all about you!

Welcome Sophistiquets and Sophistiquettes! Within this issue, we’ve channeled all that is righteous and luxurious in the world, in prime INQUE fashion.—Catering to you and only you, it is our desire that you ‘life + style’ it with an open mind; click to discover what newness awaits you beyond your norms, and as you immerse yourself in ‘fashion +beauty’, do experiment with a few nouveau options for personal enhancement.—We have every intention of seeing you Spring-ready(!)...and yes, we’ve finally acquiesced to your requests to see us...

…We also dug deep into our style enclaves, to bring balance to your desired dose of ‘swagger’ with Feng Shui essentials generally lost on most…What we’ve found however, is that a significant premise within the culture of our firm is revealed in this issue’s 'Theory of Elevation'. --There is no greater truth than the one whispering to you (or shouting at you) to come into your own; on your own terms. And just when you thought we’ve absolutely spoiled you rotten, trust that we indulge in our personal passions each time we create, and allocate, quality work for your sophisticated interpretation.

In Style and In Truth,

Nat and Trish

life + style:
the sophisticate's escape

You know us to be vigilant proponents of indulgence—this is not simply to satisfy the required exertion of narcissism approved by our shrinks.

For even the healthiest of Sophisticates, getting away and enjoying a new aspect of the world is what keeps us sharp, energized and dynamic. For these purpose alone, you owe yourself—and the world, a personal time-out excursion. Now, we don’t care where you go, but you’ve got to go somewhere! Take a look at these resources, print (and pocket ) your INQUE subscription, turn off your Crackberry and indulge your inner-escapist…

iExplorer: Imagine taking an adventurous vacation anywhere in the world of your choice…The entire trip is customized and includes private tour guides and drivers. Well, dream no more Sophisticates, such a thing exists and awaits your indulgence. From the Far East to the Middle East to the Midwest of the U.S. to the South Pacific or the Antarctica, there are no limits to destinations. Each day your itinerary is tailored to perfectly fit your desires, expectations and lifestyle preferences. The Pyramids of Egypt tour currently ranks first on the list of best selling tour with an Adventure in Argentina and the Great Wall of China tours filling out the top three. The travel industry is quickly accepting iExplore as a clear industry leader and gets the black lotus mark of approval!

The Pivate Luxury Group: For the elite Sophisticate travelers with discriminating tastes, The Private Luxury Group—is the quintessential travel emporium/consortium site. Catering to those who are well aware of who they are and where they deserve to be, this is where Disposable Income comes to play.--Of course most Sophisticates will find this all to be self-applicable, but please allow us to clarify: if your travel expectations call for you to take the private yacht, to your private-er villa, via the private-est of jets (pardon--indulging our inner-silly), than you’ve just arrived at the ‘Mecca’ of destination sites (www.… For the lover--or cheater in you, (we don’t pass judgement, just resources…) This destination site is ideal for any romantic getaway; especially that which requires participants to proceed with caution and absolute privacy—the lotus’ present Conde Nast gives this site the cool nod of approval, as do we. It’s as though it challenges the Sophisticate: “what’s your pleasure?” and the selection ranges from the Coral Coasts for collusive romance, or to your fantasy Fiji Island escape; this is where your conscience, as well as your inhibitions may give in to options galore!

on the rise:
DeezShirts- fashion's double entandre

There are tee shirt lines and then there are cultural movements; the premier of which you’ll find decorated on DeezShirts. Just when you thought the tee-shirt craze had exhausted itself, the creators of this urban couture line have revitalized the look of social messaging with irresistible candor and style...

Introducing Justo Garcia Cruz and Manny A. Montilla: the creative and business genius that is DeezShirts. The debonair duo challenges fashion’s elite to soothe their cerebral side, allowing both the fashionable and culturally conscious to, at last, be satiated.

Known for stopping enamored passers-by­--from NY to Miami--dead in their inquisitive tracks, these two Urban Sophisticates have teamed up to give the streets, and the runway, what it’s been craving: trend setting wear for the
Fashion Intellectual.

Dominican born, American bred, childhood friends Garcia and Montilla, harnessed unabashed cultural pride for their homeland along with that of others. Garcia, the creator of the movement, utters succinctly “I just want to represent culture. That’s me.”—And be it African-American to Cape Verde or Haiti to Boston’s affectionate ‘Beantown’,--DeezShirts is the ‘it’ brand; representing the melting pot that is you!

The line’s appeal lives in its custom look, fit and message. Hardly reminiscent of pieces sold at the last ethnic festival you graced, the cotton couture resonates high-end casual wear strictly for Style’s über-progressive. DeezShirts has set the precedent for what is and will be, the Visceral Fashion Movement. With fresh new looks encompassing the myriad of ethnicities we all comprise, their continual innovation promises a vogue clothing line that redefines ‘edge’ (think DeezKicks, DeezSweats, DeezBoxers…)…Their ascension is proving limitless.

Who: Justo Garcia Cruz, Manuel A. Montilla

What: + arriving at upscale boutiques soon

Where: Your wardrobe if you’re ready, Sophisticate

Why: Not above personalized delivery and certainly not beyond throwing a highly-anticipated 2007 Spring Launch Party (we’ll keep you in the know); the likes of which will challenge urban glitterati everywhere to step up their social/fashion game.

fashion + beauty:
top must-haves for the urban glitterati

You’ve asked and we answered: here we present to you the smoothest, shiniest, longest lasting, nicest smelling, pain relieving, tummy-tucking, beauty must- haves that will help any savvy sexi sophisticate navigate their way through every day modern life. From Nars to Clinique to Jack Black, you’ll only find the best of the best contenders here...

black lotus Best Shave- Sensitive Skin
Kiehl’s Close-Shavers Shaving Formula #31-0
Fellas- this is the cure-all for those of you with sensitive skin- those of you whom suffer from ingrown hair, razor bumps or just plain tough hair. Oh, and this is perfect for creative shaving (but please, no names in the beard!)

black lotus Best Body Fix-it- Manly Body Cleanser
Santa Maria Novella Russian Soap for Men
A black lotus favorite! Make a modern
statement of style with perfect grooming and sophistication. Made using old-
century soap making techniques, each bar lasts about three times longer than
other soaps. Milk-based formula imparts a spicy, rugged scent that is gentle and

black lotus Best Body
Moisturizer- Manly Body Moisturizer
Santa Maria
Novella Body Milk for Men
A must have for men- can transform the most
desert-parched skin into supple, nourished skin. It’s the ultimate after-sport

black lotus Best Body Fix-it: Manly
Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant and
Superior protection from odor and wetness that leaves no trace
of residue on skin and clothes.

black lotus
Best Eye Fix-It- Manly Eye Cream
Kiehl’s Eye Alert
A black lotus favorite! So men sometimes need a little help too with the
under-eye area. And this one can be used without being too emasculating. It
cools and soothes to reduce puffiness and dark circles after a long night of
clubbing, ballin, studying, jet fighting- whatever…

black lotus Best Face Fix-it: Manly
Facial Scrub
The Art of Shaving Facial Scrub
Prevent ingrown hairs and deep cleanse at the same time without
irritation with this peppermint essential oil, white kaolin, lavender and
comfrey concoction. 22.00

black lotus Best Shave- Tool
The Art of Shaving Pure Badger Brush
There is absolutely nothing
sexier than a man who takes interest and applies fine art into his daily
routine, especially with something as rugged as shaving-this brush uses the
finest badger hair available and helps generate a rich, warm lather. Helps open
the pores, bring water to the skin and exfoliate.


black lotus Best Body Fix-it-
Manly Body Gel
Lab Series for Men Ab Rescue Body
Sculpting Gel
Because you think about it too…. This energizing formula
helps tighten, tone and smooth the skin on the abdomen.30.00

black lotus Best Shave- Normal Skin
Clinque Skin Supplies for Men Cream Shave
Glides the razor across
your skin while holding moisture in your beard with rich lubricants. Use after
an exfoliant.

black lotus Best Oil Free Foundation:
Nars Oil Free
A black lotus favorite! This non-drying, yet lightweight
formula blends beautifully. The finish is matte without looking too “caked on”.40.00 9 shades

black lotus best bronzer powder:
Nars Bronzing Powder
Every sexi lass needs to
have 2 bronzers- one shade for the summer, and one for the winter. Take that and
multiple it by two- keep on in the makeup bag and one in the car (yes, it’s that
serious) and you’ve got all your bases covered. Nars is known for creating the
sexiest shades ever- and with these golden shimmers, you’ll create a warm glow
and add
natural dimensions to your face. 28.00 2 shades

black lotus best bronzing liquid:
Body Glow

This luxurious liquid imparts a chocolate shimmer for glowing,
soft, healthy skin with scents reminiscent of your childhood vacations in Tahiti
(what…didn’t we all go to Tahiti for childhood vacations?)

black lotus best powder
Nars Blush
It’s incredibly hard to choose between which
Nars blush is our favorite- so we won’t. But we will recommend that shades
Orgasm, Lovejoy, Amour, and Deep Throat find their way into your makeup bag. The
color goes on sheer,(for a natural blush), but are perfect for layering for a
more intense look. 25.00 26 shades

black lotus Best Cream Foundation:
Gorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation
One of the silkiest foundation formulas to ever grace your skin.
Smoothes and contours skin- and 12 hours of moisture comfort! What more can
you ask for?
65.00 12 shades

black lotus Best Fix-it for Eyes:
Benefit Cosmetics Lemon Aid
There is nothing
more appealing than a fresh-face sexiness- swoop this on your lids alone for
lively looking eyes. Apply mascara and bam! Discolorations and redness on lids
disappear with this warm yellow cream.

black lotus best Fix-it for Cheeks:
Benefit Cosmetics Benetint
Water-proof AND
kiss-proof cheek tint…… need we say more?

black lotus Best Fix- It for Brows:
Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings
Your brows frame
your face- so it is incredibly important that you not only maintain the shape of
your brows with tweezing, waxing, threading or whatever your method, but also
with application. This is one of the best kits available- Extend, fill-in and
shape brows with this brow wax and powder.
28.00 3 shades

black lotus Best Everyday Mascara:
Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash
Ladies- mascara
is the key to life…um, great eyes. One of the many brands of mascara to grace
these pages, this formula is made in such a way that its similar to very false
eyelashes- without the false eyelashes.

black lotus Best Loose Face Powder:
Shu Uemura Face Powder Sheer
One of the
finest, sheerest powders available. A luminous finish that will set makeup while
leaving your skin dewy. Another black lotus favorite.
33.00 3 shades

black lotus Best Foundation Primer:
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
A black lotus
favorite! Use this to prime the face prior to foundation and concealer, and
you’re one step closer to the flawless face. This comes in regular, hydrating
and oil-free.

black lotus Best Foundation for the Flawless
Laura Mercier Foundation
This is yellow-based so that it
will help create that “no-makeup” look. Can be applied sheerly or layered and
deposited where you need it. Perfect. Oil free and moisturizing.
40.00 12

black lotus Best Concealer:
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
A black lotus favorite! Unique
two-shade system matches skins depth of color and undertone for custom blending.
It is highly pigmented- meaning that a little product goes a long way.
6 shades

black lotus Best Super-Full Coverage
Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation
Not for the makeup wary- this “coverage cosmetic” is
designed to help those with severe facial discolorations. Provides twice the
coverage of classic foundations without the heavy feel.
25.00 9 shades

black lotus Best Super-Full Coverage Concealer:
Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Concealer
Smooth, velvety texture provides absolute, flawless coverage for ANY
18.00 6 shades

black lotus Best Setting
Dermablend Setting Powder
An absolute
must if you want the wearability and smudge- resistance (yes, we said
smudge-resistance!) of Dermablend.
19.00 3 shades

black lotus Best Body Makeup:
Dermablend Leg & Body Cover Crème
this with the setting powder and you can run, swim, and play without any
worries. Will not come off until YOU decide.
18.00 16 shades

black lotus Best Super Luxurious
Fusion Beauty Lash Fusion
With all
the noise around this mascara- we had to try it-and boy were we pleased!
All-in-one system lengthens, conditions and plumps. And its weather-, water-,
and smudge-proof. Worth the price.
39.00 2 shades

black lotus Best Brow Kit:
Anastasia All About the Brows Kit
personal brow salon at home by famed “brow guru” Anastasia.
Set includes:
Tweezers, Brow Powder Duo, four Brow Stencils, Duo Angle/Spooley Brush, Brow
Gel, and an Eye Lights highlighting pencil.
75.00 3 shades

black lotus Best Fix-it for Lip:
DuWop Venom Flash
Spicy, tingly shimmer
infused glosses that enhance your lips natural shades by increasing the
circulation. The result- naturally smoochable, just “stung” lips.
17.00 3

black lotus Best Everyday Lip Gloss:
Cargo Cosmetics Lip Gloss Quad- Tenaga
A rich
mix of four sheer shades in plush plum hues and warm neutrals. Fabulous for

black lotus Best Lipstick:
Vincent Longo Lipstain Lipstick SPF 15
Ultra silky, ultra
sheer, high gloss. Perfect for women of all ages and all makeup levels.
0 16 shades

black lotus Best Fix-it Face:
Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix
This light
and comfortable mist is made for women who want to go from work to play without
touch-ups. Sets all types of makeup.

black lotus Best Fix-it Feet:
ModelCo Cool Feet Airbrush Catwalk Heels
Cooling spray that
instantly revives, refreshes and relieves tired feet with delicious ingredients
such as menthol, papaya, bamboo, chamomile and peppermint.

black lotus Best Eyeshadow:
Stila Eye Shadow Pan
We recommend
individualized eye shadow pans (placed in compact- sold separately) by Stila-
you can pick out only the shades you obsess over and these will never crease and
always look fabulous. Use wet or dry.
14.0 50 shades

black lotus Best Fix-it Face:
Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device
Zeno is a
hand-held, battery powered medical device that zaps pimples so that they
disappear within 24 hours. Use when you first notice signs of a breakout, and
administer 2-3 2.5 minute cycles. Voila! 185.00

black lotus Best Fix-it Acne:
N.V. Perricone M.D. Outpatient Therapy Starter Kit
A black lotus favorite! Designed especially for problematic skin-
combats excess oils and treats acne at the source, while preventing future
breakouts. 55.00

black lotus Best Fix-it Face:
Significantly improves the
appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks and minor skin
imperfections through the build of collagen.

black lotus Best Very Dry Skin
Clinique Superdefense Triple Action
Moisturizer SPF 25
Black lotus favorite. For Very Dry Skin- helps
rebuild your skins natural defenses.

black lotus Best Normal Skin
Kinerase Cream
Gentle cream moisturizer for normal to
dry skin that provides a barrier for skin that’s sensitive.

black lotus Best Oily Skin
Philosophy Hope in a Bottle
Daily oil-free moisturizer for normal to oily skin. The salicylic acid
contain within helps enhance skin texture and appearance.

black lotus Best Hair- Flat Iron:
T3 Tourmaline Professional Ionic Iron with Rounded Plates
A black
lotus favorite! T3 irons are the fastest heating, most ionic and most infrared
for true curling and straightening and results that last longer. A must have

black lotus Best Hair- Styling Tool
T3 Tourmaline Professional Ionic Diffuser
Dries hair quickly,
while adding softness and shine.

black lotus Best Body Moisturizer
Kiehl’s Crème de Corps
A black lotus favorite! Best lotion for
severely dry skin. Superb!
16.00- 44.00

black lotus Best Hair- Styling Tool
Kiehl’s Crème with Silk Groom
A black lotus
Favorite! A wonderful non-greasy formula that moisturizes and protects and
conditions hair. Leaves the hair feeling oh-so-touchable.
17.50 – 29.50

black lotus Best Smile Fix-it:
Go Smile Elixir Good-for-you Breath Freshener
Perfect size for walking- this freshen breath by creating an optimal pH
balance inside the mouth- just mist 2x three times a day.

black lotus Best Smile Fix-it- To- Go
GoSmile Jet Set Kit
A black lotus favorite!
All the benefits of aromatherapy, whitening, prevention and protection, and
stain resistance in cute, travel- size.

black lotus Best Hair- Dry Hair
Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter
butter that softens the hair, minimizes breakage and conditions with all natural

black lotus Best Hair- Very
Dry/Damaged Hair
Phyto 9 Botanical Hydrating Cream
for Very Dry Hair
A black lotus favorite! Used daily, this cream
softens, hydrates and strengthens hair.

black lotus Best Hair- Shine
Phytospecific Extreme Shine Spray
A black
lotus favorite!
Imparts a magnificent shine without weighing hair down.

theory of elevation:
happiness...your way

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”
--Andrew Carnegie

Is it this simple? Were Happiness this accessible it would seem most people would be impassioned and actualized by now, no? This, of course, is not the case. We’ve all seen the languid motions taken by Victims of Dreams Deferred, their cooling Starbucks and less-than-séxi briefcases in hand…Someone told them Happiness was something achieved once they implemented certain traditional steps, and they believed the misguided soul.—Only to find a persistent void...

Insert Challenge: For a moment, believe: happiness is whatsoever satisfies your life’s passion. Following this affirmation, make it your personal mission to discover what is driving the energy to become who you are destined to be. Travel, pursue knowledge relentlessly, absorb the energy of the Liberated, make time for your hobbies, create opportunities for yourself to be challenged—when you begin to find that which inspires you, perpetuate it!

There is no time limit on this discovery, but if explored with diligence, you will find Purpose sooner than later…Do acknowledge; the answers reside within you Sophisticate. You are the only person who knows the extent of your capabilities; it is you alone who is confounded with the pressing desire for more. Shouldn't it be you then who makes self-exploration your life’s priority? --Accessing Happiness may in fact be this simple…

black book
Mark your Calendars!

1-28 Style(a)Holics Productions shakes down Fashion Week

6 Fashion Week Live- Dallas
8 Fashion Week Live- Houston
13 Fashion Week Live –Chicago
15 Fashion Week Live- San Francisco
18-22 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox
Studios: Fall 2007 Collections- California
23-1 Singapore Fashion Festival
23-26 Designers & Agents Fall 2007 – New York
25-30 Fashion Week in Moscow
28-31 Glasgow Fashion Week – Scotland

2-6 Pakistan Fashion Week
4-30 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Spring/
Summer Collections Australia